Many companies and organisations are leaving the overall health and wellbeing of their employees to luck and fate. Hoping that occasional focus like here a yoga-course and there a keynote will be sufficient to strengthen their productivity.

Humanflex is a different approach. It offers the employee to take action when they feel they need it the most. What your organisation is getting:

  • Create overall balance by training the brain, body & soul
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Strengthen power/can-do mindset
  • Aligned with daily work
  • Train the comfort zone
  • Build creativity
  • Learning by joyful experience

Humanflex is a 90-day programme to rewire your brain, so that you are able to connect to your inner strength when you need it.

5mins a day! instead of a 5 days training per year…

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Try Humanflex and boost your resilience today

Humanflex is designed to boost 4 types of your resilience: mental, emotional, physical and social. Have a look at your 4 tasks today.

Turn upside down a newspaper or a book page and read it
List 5 reasons you love yourself
Massage your neck or upper back while thinking about your last holiday
Message someone who has birthday in 6 months

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